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WebApp with DataBase



€3999 Special VERY Temporary Offer!

Ready within 35 days


We build a professional and scalable interactive (Angular) WebApp for you:

in record time (for basic setup) from scratch/concept to working and deployed interactive WebApp

In any language: In English, in het Nederlands, en français, auf Deutsch, en español, in italiano, ...

hosted in Azure Cloud or comparable

  • no installation required at all for users, they just need the link
  • runs on any recent/decent Smartphone/Tablet/PC that runs Chrome
  • can be protected with password authentication
  • menu to navigate between pages
  • interaction with included underlying new database, initially hosted on Azure
  • automatic database integrity and architectural elegance
  • professional .Net Core/Angular technology
  • not much work for you, just explain your business logic, and the terminology used
  • exclusive Azure subscription costs

Basic setup

  • up to 5 views, each containing list/detail with adding/editing/deleting possibility
  • the detail can have up to 20 editable fields
  • includes underlying SQL Server Database generation on Azure, but excluding subscription costs
  • somewhat limited business logic complexity, but scalable anyhow, see Extras
  • ready AND deployed within 20 days after concept validly spec'ed and ordered


How can we do this that fast and that cheap?

Indeed, many companies need a team of several programmers working for often well over 8 months to develop something similar...

  • Our "trick" is to have most of the programming constructed by a special program, instead of programmers
  • In that way, we only needed to write that program once, which generates most of the (Angular/Typescript/C#) WebApp and the Database setup
  • Doing so, we create an exceptionally reliable, consistently structured, elegant WebApp, User Interface/Experience and Database.
  • Whenever we upgrade our special program, we can also easily upgrade your WebApp.

    (With manual developments, that would be a huge task)

Extras on top of basic setup, now or later

  • more than 5 views, more than 20 editable fields per view detail
  • role based accounts and view filtering
  • graphic custom view on list, for instance airplane passenger seats that can be reserved by clicking on a free one
  • customizations possible on top of basic setup
  • starting from existing database or derived from existing database
  • filling some database tables with existing image or other files, e.g. for webshops
  • more complex business logic
  • more complex database logic
  • more complex webpage style
  • encryption at various levels
  • extra Views and extra database tables
  • moving to other cloud system than Azure
  • moving to other database system than SQL Server
  • maintenance of new content and database
  • database performance/speed optimizing to minimize user's waiting and optimize use experience
  • style and graphics adaptations
  • most of the extras add to the basic price, but...
  • extras can be ordered later on, scaling to much larger/complexer setup

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